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Guest Post by Richard Chidike

YouTube is one of the most common and biggest social networking websites online today. Millions of web surfers browse through the YouTube site monthly in search of videos that in their chosen niches. There are traffic generating potentials from YouTube but you may not be able to leverage this fact if you don't know the right steps to take and how to perform certain simple traffic-oriented tasks using your YouTube videos. If you had been reading how lots of other website owners had been getting loads of traffic from YouTube, it is time for you to join the successful train and start experiencing very meaningful traffic to your website from YouTube. The right step to take are outlined in this brief discuss.

What You Must Know In Order To Drive More Traffic to Your Site Via YouTube

It isn't rocket science to drive traffic from YouTube irrespective of the type of business you are doing. Saying this is important because some site owners may unnecessarily be intimated by the huge results of those that had been there before them. The skill you have or whatever qualification you may have wouldn't count if you fail to read and digest the following three important YouTube traffic tips.

1 - The first thing is to submit your videos to YouTube. Don't be deterred if you don't know how to create and upload any video at the moment because it doesn't take more a couple of minutes. Essentially you will need free 'Camstudio' which is readily available on the internet to create any prolific video to be shown on YouTube. If you are among those internet marketers that still find it difficult to join the social marketing 'war-fare'; you have to wake up today if you really want your online business to survive.

While using YouTube as a traffic-driving medium, you have to ensure you give your videos adequate titles. This is important because there are lots of marketers that make the mistake of titling their YouTube videos for the search engines. This may not yield the desired popularity for such video because the search engines are becoming smarter than they were few months back. The best option is to give your videos proper titles that will appeal to humans and be sure of its popularity once it starts getting shared and voluntarily linked to on the internet.

The basics concept of any video you upload online should be to either entertain or educate so you have to carefully make it worth your viewers' while. If you have some educational or informative tips to give, nothing prevents you from sitting in front of your computer and recording 2 or 3 minutes clean video of yourself talking. This is quite acceptable online and can go viral as long as you have useful or informative content in the video.

2 - You shouldn’t forget to include the link to your website or blog in any video you create and upload to the YouTube. This is very important especially if your sole aim of uploading such video is to drive traffic to your online or offline business. The time you spent on the video creation may have been wasted if you fail to provide link back to your site so that those that view your videos can click-in to your blog or site to see more of your offerings. It is common to believe that many viewers wouldn’t type in the URL in the YouTube videos but the truth is that many actually do.

You Can Create a Community of YouTube Video Viewers

3 - This is similar to asking potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter but in this case, they would be subscribing to your YouTube channel so that they will know when you post new videos. This can effectively bring repeated traffic to your site especially if you have very insightful videos on display. You can simply ask people to subscribe to your YouyTube video channel by mentioning it at the beginning and the end of your videos but be sure to make your videos are informative as possible.

Richard Chidike is the owner and founder of As a professional blogger with valuable years of experience in internet marketing, his motivational blog is fully dedicated to helping bloggers and internet marketers succeed online. You can join me on twitter at Motivatory.


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