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Product properties
Max Writing Speed Black 24 pages/minute
Max Writing Speed Color 20 pages/minute
Maximum Resolution 4800 dpi The resolution is stated in pixels (points) per inch. The higher resolution the finer pri
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CPU Speed 256 MHz
Paper Tray Capacity (standard) 150
Duplex Printing Yes (Optional) A duplex printer can write on both sides of the paper.
Bluetooth No Shows if the printer supports Bluetooth. Bluetooth enables wireless communication. Developed by Ericsson Inc., Intel Corp., Nokia Corp. and Toshiba.
Network Printer Optional Shows if the printer can work in a network.
Type Inkjet There are five varieties of printers: dot matrix (older technology, high volume, lesser printing quality), inkjets (high quality prints considering the price, with good colour print outs), laser print ...
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Colour Printer Yes Shows if the Printer can print in colour.
Format A3 Normally the printer can print out on traditional A4 paper but some can handle A3 and A2 printouts. A2 is a considerably bigger format than A4.
We display information about the product's largest possible print.
Photo Printer Yes Shows if the prin
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Hi Everyone,
Kris from PepperJam Network recently interviewed me as part of their "Meet the Affiliate" series.
You can read the full interview here:
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