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I've been teaching web development for over tens years now, and things have changed a lot in that time. Besides the technology, how people want to learn has also changed. The first thing that I've done to respond to these changes, is to provide a far more advanced subscription based training service:
Cloud solutions have made it more affordable than ever to use enterprise class software such as SharePoint, making it within reach of the small and mid-sized business.

But for many smaller businesses deploying a major software solution is like navigating uncharted waters. You can’t expect a silver bullet. In fact, you’ll likely need to stitch together a variety of technologies and platforms to create a solution custom-matched to your needs.

It’s best to think of the software implementation process as a journey, not a destination.

It’s a path to ever-incre
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asing efficiency that requires constant tweaking of processes and systems. You want to take a series of small, deliberate steps rather than a couple of impulsive leaps that land you in the wrong place.