CAV Advisory Services Private Limited is a company registered in India by a group of professionals having vast experience in various streams. The companies’ activity is advisory in nature with the collective efforts of respected partners who believe in outstanding quality and innovative ideas. In this we include the following-
1. Management consultancy
Here we work on products / services, manpower, politics, technology, financial planning and controls.

2. ISO certifications and complaints
Meet and improve customer requirements with improved reliability and overall performance of internal operations.

3. Licensing, Complaint and Liability
We are required to obtain various licenses, clearances and registrations with various government departments.

4. FEMA and RBI complaints
We consolidate and amend the law relating to foreign exchange under FEMA and promote the orderly development and maintenance of the foreign exchange market in India.

5. IPO for companies and SEBI complaints
We arrange IPOs and related capital etc. for companies and SEBI complaints.

6. Risk Management and Insurance
We provide our services on important issues related to risk management and insurance.


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